Welcome to e-Storia! The motivation for creating this site was derived partially as a result of my studies in history, but primarily by a desire to provide a web presence for interesting and engaging posts of historical topics from around the world over a range of historical periods and events. e-Storia’s vision is to make history accessible, approachable, and digestible in a means to highlight history’s role in our everyday lives and the common threads that bind us together as human beings.

History is often taught and framed by mere memorization of dates and people, without much thought to how events, people, and places are connected. Each and every day affords us the opportunity to not only explore our own history, and that of other cultures, civilizations, and great individuals; but also celebrate the incredible achievements of those who came before us. I strongly believe that historians play an important role as gatekeeps of humankind’s collective knowledge and experiences and, by virtue of that definition, are responsible for the protection and preservation of history in all forms. Wanton destruction of history is occurring all around us and it is easy to forget the relevance of that destruction in the context of our busy lives. New technology has made great strides in making history accessible to a greater audience and marketing history as a public good. I do hope this site will make a modest contribution to that goal.

We all play a role in preserving history, and if this site may remind us of our collective achievements, triumphs, tragedies, and defining moments, then e-Storia will have made a modest contribution to that end.

Thank you in advance to all the followers of this site, new visitors, friends, and colleagues. Your ongoing support, encouragement, and dedication continue to inspire this website.

Kindest Regards,

Joseph Imre
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